Bio: ~Hello, my "name" is Aria Raquel. I am a junior in high school. My main focus is generally on getting myself ready for college, but I still have stresses, and not all of them from my relentless search of a perfect future. The names in this blog, including my own, have and will be changed to protect identities. This is my way of venting out my frustrations or maybe just to give some friendly advice, especially for those people who are in a similar situation to mine, trying to find their dream colleges, or figuring out their futures. I have a professional adviser guiding me through this path, but a lot of people don't have that, and that's something that people can go far with. Anyway...um...so to differentiate what the basic category of an entry is I'll use CPrep before the title to show it is a college-preparation advice blog, and Pers. for a personal/venting blog. You'll notice after I wrap up my blogs, the language will change. I'm learning Spanish, and am also using this as an opportunity to practice and also to expand my audience a little. So, if you don't speak Spanish, don't concern yourself with it. Okay? Stay Beautiful~ Primero, lo siento. Mi computadora no tiene accentos. Por favor, sean pacientes. Bien. Hola, mi <> es Aria Raquel. Estoy tomando clases en escuela secondario. Mi prioridad primera es preparar por mi vida en una universidad. Pero, tengo problemas tambien, y todos no son de los de la universidad. Los nombres en esto blog no son correctos. Es para proteger las personas que llamadan. Tambien quiero dar consejos sobre ir a la universidad. Tengo la ayuda de un profesional, pero todos no la tienen. Por eso quiero los ayudar. Para diferenciar los razones que escribi cada blog yo voy a usar <> para los blogs que son de buscando su universidad ideal, y voy a usar <> para los blogs que son personales. Otra vez, lo siento. Mi computadora no tiene accentos, es una computadora de los estados unidos. Por eso, solo tiene las letras ingles y no mas. Continuen ser bellas, mis amigos 🙂

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